Coach Randy Cox Bio

Coach Randy Cox has been involved in the Greater Cincinnati distance running scene since 1974. Born with a leg disorder, he started running at age 13 with hopes of correcting his problem. Before long, he started seeing amazing positive changes and became very passionate about the activity that was enabling him to do things he had never been able to do before. He went on to compete for his high school and college track and cross country teams, and followed that with over 30 more years of running.
According to Coach Cox, however, the opportunity to help others achieve their goals has been even more rewarding than his personal running experiences. He started his coaching career at age 21 while still in college, working with a local junior high school track team. Realizing that he had found his calling, he decided his life's work would be helping runners become the best they could be. After completing his under graduate studies, he taught and coached high school track and cross country. His desire to help athletes perform to their utmost ability led him to return to school, where he earned a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. Since completing graduate school in 1986, Coach Cox has served as Head Cross Country Coach at Xavier University for 5 years, coached the Earth Drummers Racing Team since its inception in 2004, and individually coached many local runners of all ages and abilities. Although he has coached runners to 7 age group national championships and to victories in all of the major local road races, Coach Cox is just as excited as ever to help runners reach any goal that is important to them. He has never forgotten the positive affect running had on his life, and wants to help others experience the same thing.


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