The Earth Drummers Racing Team came into existence in 2004, the brainchild of former Xavier University Cross Country Coach Randy Cox, and post-collegiate University of Cincinnati Track and Cross Country runner T.J. Doherty. They realized that even though the Greater Cincinnati area had plenty of running and racing opportunities, there was no organized club to support and encourage serious competitive runners. The Earth Drummers racing team was formed to give motivated runners who were serious about performance the opportunity to train with like-minded athletes while receiving top-notch coaching and overall support. This philosophy has led to much success at the local and national levels (see below).
In the beginning, the Earth Drummers team was composed of a few fast twenty something guys. Over the years, the team has evolved into a very diverse group of motivated men and women of all ages and experience levels. We train hard but intelligently, constantly strive for improvement, and have lots of fun along the way! We have a special group of dedicated athletes who are not only concerned about personal goals, but also with the competitive pursuits of their fellow teammates.

Our number one goal is to provide each team member with the direction, support, and encouragement needed to reach their running potential. This philosophy has led to some incredible performances, including 14 national individual and relay track championships, one second place finish at the World Masters Track Championships, and multiple top 5 finishes at national road, cross country and track championships. Just as important as these high profile performances, however, are the personal goals and accomplishments of each and every team member. Not everyone is able to win or place highly at national championship events, but everyone is capable of giving their best effort and improving their racing performances. As a close-knit group that consistently trains together and supports one another, when any of us attain a goal, we all share in the excitement.

Earth Drummer was a Native American name for a fast runner. When the team was in its early stages, we could not decide what to call ourselves. While running at Shawnee Lookout Park, an ancient Native American burial ground, team coach Randy Cox had an inspiration. It will never be known whether this inspiration came from the voices of the Native American spirits inhabiting the park or from oxygen debt from running the steep hills, but it came nevertheless. At the next team practice, Coach Cox suggested the team be called the Earth Drummers, and upon majority agreement, this became our name. This name has served to make the team highly recognizable, and possibly faster. With a name like Earth Drummers you better run fast!

There are many super benefits of being a member of the Tri-State Running Company Earth Drummers. Some great membership perks are:
• 40% off on Saucony shoes
• A 25% discount on all in-stock merchandise at Tri-State Running Company
• New Earth Drummers team uniform every year
• A highly detailed, event-specific training plan designed by coach Randy Cox
• Weekly coach-led team practice. Members also get together to practice on other days.
• Supportive, motivating team atmosphere
• Earth Drummer Team clinics

If you are a dedicated runner serious about getting faster, you are highly encouraged to consider membership in the Earth Drummers!


If you are interested in joining the Earth Drummers,
or if you have any questions, please contact

Coach Randy Cox

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-240-7015